Secure SD-WAN is opening up myriad business opportunities; however, it’s not an investment companies are entering into lightly. Getting the right secure SD-WAN solution is essential to ensure that you can maximise the benefits of this game-changing technology. You’ll need to determine the extent to which you can manage your secure SD-WAN solution in-house.

The approach you choose will depend on a variety of factors including your available in-house IT resources and existing expertise in SD-WAN solutions. Each of these models offers benefits and challenges. 

1. Fully managed secure SD-WAN

A fully managed solution removes all the burden of management from your company’s shoulders, letting your business get on with the process of transforming and growing. It can deliver fast time to value and provide the full benefits of SD-WAN to organisations with lean or stretched IT teams. 

This approach is also beneficial if anything goes wrong because it centralises accountability. Additionally, it lowers complexity and can deliver a better user experience. 

However, a fully managed secure SD-WAN solution can lower the amount of control and visibility your organisation has into the network. Any network changes will need to be requested through the provider’s ticketing system, and you may need to wait for the provider to address these requests, which can slow your business down.

2. Co-managed secure SD-WAN

If a fully managed solution doesn’t offer enough control and visibility, and your IT team has some secure SD-WAN management capabilities then the ideal solution may be a co-managed secure SD-WAN. It’s neither too complex nor does it require a massive amount of pre-existing networking skills and capabilities so, for many organisations, the co-managed option is just right.

This approach lets you manage some parts of your secure SD-WAN solution, like security policies. Self-service capabilities avoid the wait time needed for your provider to action minor changes. Your provider will manage service level agreements (SLAs) and performance while you control specific aspects of network management according to your business needs.

Financially, you can still spread the cost of your secure SD-WAN solution through a subscription model. It means you don’t necessarily have to ramp up your IT team to fully manage your secure SD-WAN solution yet you can still have full visibility and as much control as you need or want. You can also gain full support from your co-managed secure SD-WAN provider so you’re never completely on your own.

How TPG can help

TPG’s next-generation, automated network is the perfect underlay for secure SD-WAN. We’ve teamed up with Fortinet, a global leader in security-driven networking, to deliver a secure SD-WAN solution that lets you choose your network management model. Whether you opt for a fully managed, self-managed, or co-managed secure SD-WAN solution, TPG and Fortinet have you covered.

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